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What our patients are saying about spinal decompression


Thank you for the treatments and care you gave Steve and I the past few months. Have told several people about you!


May God Bless!



 - Kathy Cutans



On July 17, 2012 I have completed an 8 weeks treatment plan of VAX-D decompression and COX-flexion. I would like to thank you for competent consultations and good treatment I received in your facility.


I wanted to specially thank Dr. Angela Upchurch for attention and kindness with regard to me as a patient. After completing this course of therapy I feel much better, the back pain went away, my legs are better walking, my neck turns to different sides and the arm pain started going away…I thank her very much and bow to her. I wish her health, success in her work and happiness in personal life.


I also wish all personnel successful work, be healthy, stay in good mood and continue receiving respect and gratitude from the patients.


 - N.K.



It was ten years almost exactly to the day. My first session with Dr. Durrett in 2002 was a "freebie" - an introductory spinal analysis. A couple of quick checks and Dr. Durrett informed me that I had a pinched nerve stemming from a misaligned LS. Did it bother me, any discomfort? Not much really, and he told me that I could probably live with it for many years, but "you're not operating at 100%". As it wasn't a problem at the time, I decided not to pursue treatment. (Dr. Durrett probably knew I'd be back, sooner or later.)


Skip ahead ten years - I woke up one morning in early February this year in excruciating pain. I could barely get out of bed to go to the bathroom, and couldn't stand upright. Trying to walk was the most painful experience I've ever had. I couldn't put any weight on my right foot. I called in sick and laid in bed for two solid days in agony. After so many years on a healthful diet, along with a regular schedule of weight training and aerobic exercise, suddenly without warning, I was an invalid. Thinking back, could this have been caused by lifting some heavy boxes while twisting a few days ago at home?


On the third day, I practically crawled into my GP's office to schedule a long overdue physical, including spinal x-rays and an MRI. Also, remembering Dr. Durrett's familiarity with my condition years earlier, I decided to seek the help of The Institute, as well.


When the MRI images were available, Dr. Durrett and I looked at them together. I couldn't believe what I had done to my back - L3, L4 and LS were compressed and much too close together, resulting in two badly squashed and herniated disks. One was so bad that a piece of it had broken off and was wedged between the vertebra and my spinal cord. Apparently, the improper lifting several days earlier was "the proverbial straw". I had to ask, "Is there any hope of recovering from this?" Dr. Durrett was very reassuring that, although this was a pretty severe case, "we could do if.


The next day, Dr. Durrett started me on a daily program of spinal manipulations and some biometrics to determine my current degree of immobility and check my progress. Yes, it was painful - very painful. Just lying down, trying to rise up and turning over was torture. But the encouragement and the congenial and informative manner of Drs. Durrett, Upchurch and Stelmach told me that I was in the right place.


Week two, I started Vax-D treatment. Progress was slow for the first three or four weeks. I was still experiencing a lot of pain, even with the ice packs and natural anti-inflammatories, especially first thing in the morning, trying to bend to put on socks and tie my shoes. More often than not, finding a relatively painless sleeping position was impossible. I was becoming frustrated and afraid that I would be like this the rest of my life, or else face painful and risky surgery. But The Institute staff was always there to encourage and motivate me, determined to get me better without surgery - if I would just "stick with it".


Then, sometime during the fifth or sixth week of treatment, things changed quickly. Almost overnight, sleeping, getting out of bed, walking, tying my shoes ceased to be agonizing activities. Other than a resumption of my prior exercise routine, I was now functioning pretty much normally. And, as treatments progressed, I continued to improve. My plan now is to cautiously return soon to weight training and an aerobics routine while keeping with Dr. Durrett's advice, especially concerning those activities best avoided.


One other aspect of treatment for which I hold Dr. Durrett and The Institute in the highest regard, is their great reluctance to resort to prescription painkillers and anti-inflammatories. Their approach - treating the cause, not just the symptoms, and use of natural, healthful remedies and supplements, as well as alternate treatment methods - is a big plus for me. I feel that the knowledge and methodology of The Institute goes way beyond chiropractic.


My decision to return to The Institute was the right choice. I am so thankful for the expertise, insight, personal interest and kindness that have been afforded me throughout these past weeks by the entire staff - Dr. Durrett, Dr. Upchurch and Dr. Stelmach, Diane, Sammi and TC - it's like family.


You're all wonderful! And I feel great! Thank you.


 - Patient




I first learned about the Institute of Alternative Medicine by reading a flyer from the mailbox. It stated all the symptoms that I was experiencing with my back and leg, immediately I called the number and an appointment was made for the following day. I visited the office, the doctor advised me to do an MRI, I did so. The result showed that my disc was badly damaged. I started treatment instant by doing adjustments for 6 days, on the 7th day I was put on the VAX-D compression. I did so for 62 days at 30 min per day. Well, this is telling me that it takes “31 hours or 1 day 7 hours” to get me better without doing surgery or taking medicine as was suggested by others.


Thanks to everyone at the Institute who worked with me to make me better, I will always talk about the successful experience I had with you all.


Love you all,


- B.H.



I can walk!!!


My life has made a complete change since I came to the institute. I feel like my body is mine again and I am in control. I think it’s just wonderful!!!!

Everyone has been so nice.


We love all of you,


- Ann M.

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